How long will a pad last?

During the course of a shift, pad printing pads fulfill the task of transferring ink from an etched cliché to the product being printed. These pads are typically crafted from silicone to ensure that the ink doesn't adhere, allowing for easy transfer to the product and reusability. The ink used in pad printing is commonly mixed with solvent and hardener. However, extended exposure to the hardener can degrade the pad material over time.

Every pad printing pad has a limited lifespan, but proper care can help extend its longevity.

For information on how many impressions your specific pad can handle contact your supplier.

 It is advisable to clean the pads between printing shifts, and ink should never be left on a pad overnight. An effective method for cleaning is to utilize clear packing tape. Simply use the tape to remove any residual ink stuck to the pad, and then cover or store the pad overnight.

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