What can a flatbed printer print?

A flatbed printer can print anything that that is flat or slightly curved. This is due to the way to print heads are setup. When using a flatbed printer, it is important to get the product as close to the print area as possible without touching. This way, when the print heads jet the ink onto the product, the resolution is crisp and does not produce a sprayed look. 

As for applications, typical applications include: 

  • Promotional items such as mint tins, yo-yo's, hand sanitizer bottles and spray bottles, USB sticks, etc. 
  • Electronics such as power banks, phone cases, plastic coverings, switch plates
  • Gifts such as flat ornaments, notebooks, frames
  • Edible items such as candied coat chocolates, cookies, fondant discs
  • Much more!




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  • whats the longest length can the x5 print on flat substrate ?

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