What are some popular applications for a UV flatbed printer?

UV flatbed printers are best for anything flat or slightly curved. Due to the fact that inkjet printing is spraying tiny droplets of ink in a specific pattern to form an image, the print heads must be as close as possible to the part. Think of a can of spray paint. If you are very far away from the product, you will notice that the paint does not fully cover the part and you'll see "over spray" on either side. Bringing the can closer to the part will make the paint more opaque and sharp. The same concept goes for UV flatbed printers; the further away the print head is from the part, the less sharp the image will appear. 

Here are some popular applications we have seen with UV flatbed printing: 

  1. Face masks
  2. Coolers
  3. Promotional products
  4. Saw blades
  5. Pens
  6. Phone cases
  7. Edible products (cookies, chocolate-coated candies)

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