What are some tips for choosing a UV flatbed printer?

When choosing a UV flatbed printer, some tips to consider include: 

1. Pricing

Everyone company has a different price point. Keep in mind that this extends beyond just the machine. Research and ask questions regarding any warranty programs, support included, etc. You may be purchasing the machine at a lower cost than another company but if the support is not top-notch, you will be greatly disappointed. 

2. Part size/Bed Size

This is two-fold. On one hand, you need to make sure your part fits in the machine. If it is too large for the bed, it just won't simply do. You should also consider how many parts fit in a machine. It is much more efficient to print a whole bed at once than have to print a few at a time. 

3. Resolution

This really references what your intended use of this machine is. Is it for promotional items that do not necessarily require the best resolution? Or, is this for gifts that require photographic-quality image reproduction?

4. Speed

The speed is relative to the print head used. Be sure to ask what print heads are in the UV flatbed printer you are researching as well as the speeds. 

At Inkcups, we have a solid line-up of UV flatbed printers. These include: 

X2 Flatbed UV Printer

X5 UV Flatbed Printer

X5-T Flatbed UV Digital Printer





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