What are the Benefits of Digital Printing?

Compared to other printing methods, digital printing does not require any ink mixing. The colors are generated through the software and the ink is automatically mixed to achieve the desired color. Other methods require manual ink color matching which is challenging and time-consuming.

Digital printing allows for 1-off printing and change artwork on the fly. 1-off printing gives the operator the flexibility to print as little as 1 part and because the operation is all digital, the graphics can be altered right on your computer. Ideal for the personalization market. Other print methods often require the same amount of set-up and consumable usage to print 1 part or 1000. 

Digital printing requires minimal set-up, unlike other print methods. Once a part's tooling is made and the artwork template is created, it only takes a matter of minutes to set-up a job. Other print methods require the use of multiple machines and components to run a single job.

Read the UV Inkjet Printer Guide for more information.

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