How Do I Prevent my Inkjet Print-head Nozzles from Getting Clogged (for UV curable inks)?

Tooling fixtures must be black and not light reflective. Common head trouble is caused by clear, white, or reflective metal fixtures.  The UV light bounces off the fixture and back into the head - causing curing or partial curing of the ink in the nozzle resulting in the printhead becoming unrecoverable.

While running production it is important to identify early on if you are seeing a nozzle drop out or misprints. If color changes appear, immediately stop the machine for a quick maintenance check. Typically a maintenance check includes an automatic wiping and cleaning cycle or a manual purge and wipe.

Finally, it is recommended to use the NozzleCare product in the morning before production, at the midday break, and at the end of the day.  NozzleCare removes all residual ink and particles from the nozzle keeping the printhead clear and clean.

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