What is needed for pad printing?

A pad printing machine is made up of three important parts, the pad, the ink cup, and the plate. In addition to the pad printer itself one needs proper tooling to hold the part in place during the printing process, as well as ink, solvent, and hardener. An ink mixing kit, gram scale, and packing tape are also necessary for mixing proper ratios of ink to solvent to hardener and for cleanup, respectively.

In addition to a pad printer, it is worth considering investing in a laser plate maker. While it is possible to outsource the production of plates, bringing this process in-house offers several advantages. It provides significant time savings, cost savings over the long term, and greater flexibility in quickly and easily making changes to artwork. By having a laser plate maker as part of your setup, you gain more control over the plate-making process, enhancing efficiency and convenience in your pad printing operations.

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